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Dear new mama, 

Are you pregnant and feeling worried about your birth and what comes after?

Is your precious bundle in your arms, but you’re  struggling more than you ever imagined?

This time is so precious, and you deserve support too. 

A Brisbane Doula for Your Family

As a doula with a professional background in social work and counselling, I help Brisbane mothers feel more confident, supported, and less stressed about this big journey of welcoming a new baby.

Pregnancy Doula Services

During pregnancy I work with women who might have worries or fear about their upcoming birth, or who have experienced a previous difficult or traumatic birth. I work with parents who want to prepare for their birth as the major milestone and rite of passage that it is, and who want to feel fully supported and open to facing the unknown with courage and love.

Postnatal Doula Services

After the birth I help nurture new parents to feel confident and connected to their baby and their intuition. For new mothers I offer nourishing postpartum meals, brief massage, breastfeeding support and newborn settling. I also provide birth debriefing and professional counselling to support parents to make sense of challenging or traumatic birth experiences.

Holistic Support Services

Women’s circles; prenatal counselling; childbirth education; belly art & henna; mother & baby blessing ceremonies; only limited birth attendance available in 2019; postnatal doula support; professional birth debriefing and postnatal counselling. Support and counselling for mothers experiencing prenatal or postnatal depression and anxiety.

After living in Canberra for several years, studying midwifery
and growing and raising my son,
I’m now coming home to Brisbane! 


*Limited number of birth doula services available in 2019*
Prenatal and postnatal home visiting sessions in Greater Brisbane available. 

Contact Anne

Wherever you’re at right now, this time is so precious. Please get in touch if you’d like some support to feel better or if you want help to celebrate this transition. 


I wish to pay my deepest respect to the Turrbal and Jagera people

as the First Peoples with an ongoing connection to the land I call home in Brisbane.

 Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land