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anne castles brisbane doula birthing from within

“Be gentle on yourself. Just like many pregnancy and birthing decisions you have already made – and about a million more parenting choices just around the bend – you cannot know beforehand if you’re making the right choice. So, what’s a parent to do? Open up, get educated, get in tune with yourself and lovingly move forward and make decisions knowing that you are doing the best you can. There’s nothing more to be done…”

“…Beware of false promises. Most birthing classes talk about instilling you with the tools to have a birth that’s “painless,” “easy,” “blissful,” “beautiful” or some other alluring word. These classes can surely help us stack the deck in our favor to be able to handle the intensity of labor. But beware of a class that promises or guarantees a certain alluring outcome – there is a difference between suggesting that birth can be blissful, for example, and that it will be. This is a tough one because any pregnant woman is vulnerable to these types of promises and wants to believe that she can just do XYZ and get the birth of her dreams. But let’s be clear, there are no guarantees as to what your birth will look and feel like. Even Ina May Gaskin herself didn’t receive a “painless, easy, blissful, beautiful birth” guarantee…”

“…Dig deep to find out how you feel about birth fear. Some birthing preparation methodologies avoid talking about your fears about birth. Before you subscribe to this theory, ask yourself this: in my life, when I have avoided intense emotions, such as fear, has it really eradicated the fear or just put me in a state of denial? Check in with yourself about your need to feel heard and if verbalizing, exploring and then moving past these fears helps you to create a more prepared and peaceful mindset (hint: it does), then look for classes that allow you to do so.”- Brandy Ferner, Birthing From Within Mentor

Are you confused about which childbirth class to choose when there are so many options? For some more tips about things to consider read the rest of Brandy Ferner’s article here. 

Birth Blessings,