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The Birth of Mateo…

The Birth of Mateo…

“Anne was an incredible support for me and my husband in the lead up to, and during the birth of our child. Our conversations in the weeks leading up to the birth helped me to embrace the power of labour and surrender control when the time came. The birth of my son was a truly joyful, empowering experience- we required more medical intervention than I had hoped for, but the conversations I had with Anne prior to the birth had helped me to explore my thoughts and feelings in the event that medical interventions did become necessary. For me, this prior preparation which my doula helped me to go through before the labour and birth was invaluable.

Anne’s emotional support during the labour was wonderful- from the moment she arrived at the hospital, she brought a gentle, calming and honouring presence. Anne shared with me the awe, wonder and respect for the incredible, natural processes of pregnancy, birth and mothering-  knowing this allowed me to feel completely comfortable with her while labouring and giving birth.

In addition to holding this sense of sacredness in the room, Anne, along with my husband, helped me move around the birthing space, and gently gave quiet offers of food and drink between my contractions. While Anne and I had discussed massage in the weeks before the labour, she was responsive to my needs at the actual event, when I realised that I didn’t want to be massaged.  At different times during the labour she told me how amazingly I was doing. Anne also helped me to envision my baby tucking his chin under so that he could more easily move down to come into the world.

My wonderful husband was with me throughout the entire labour and birth and he greatly appreciated Anne’s support as well. I feel that he was able to support me even more, knowing that he had Anne supporting him too. My partner often comments on how valuable and special it was to have her there”
Yasmin & Selim, March 2012, Birth Centre Team, Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital